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This Blog Has Moved!!!

This blog has moved!!!

I’ve also posted a new activity.

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Moving soon….

I am getting ready to move this blog to a new location with a new activity! Details coming soon….

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Hello musicians!
The holidays are on the way! These next few months are full of fun surprises; so, this week we have a musical surprise.
Listen to the first 40 seconds of Hayden’s Symphony No. 94 in G, 2nd movement (known as the Surprise Symphony). Ask your child to put on his listening ears and have his voice off for just a minute. With very young kids, a minute can seem like forever; so, this is good practice for listening and patience!

Wow! What happened? Ask your child to describe how the music surprised them. They might say it changed or got loud. In music, the word for soft is piano, and the word for loud is forte. This piece starts piano, but we are surprised by the forte notes!

Now, listen again. Have your child sneak around the room on tip-toes to the music on the piano section and jump in surprise to the forte part.

Have fun playing this week!

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Posted by: Kenna | September 28, 2011

Autumn Leaves

Hello musicians!

The leaves are beginning to change color on our Purple Autumn Ash, and Fall is in the air!  Therefore, I was inspired to write a Fall activity and song.

First, make a red leaf, a yellow leaf, and a brown leaf. Have your child cut them out if they are able and label them with a marker.  These are great sight words for preschool or early elementary students.  Next, listen to the song “Autumn Leaves.”  Your child can move the leaves to the music. When we sing “Red Leaves are falling”, have them drop the red leaf to the floor, and follow the same directions for “yellow” and “brown”.

Have your child listen and sing each time they hear the phrase “red, yellow, brown”.

I have provided a rough recording of “Autumn Leaves” with my phone. I’m looking for good recording software, but until then, my phone will have to do.

Autumn leaves are falling, gently to the ground

Autumn leaves are falling, red, yellow, brown

Red leaves…..

Yellow leaves….

Brown leaves…..

Since the song is mellow and almost sounds like a lullaby, this activity would be great before a nap or bedtime.

Later, go outside and look for leaves of all colors! 

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Have fun!


Posted by: Kenna | September 20, 2011

Make a drum!

Hello musicians! I hope you had fun last week moving to the beat. Since we have been feeling that beat, let’s make a drum to play to PLAY the beat!

painting the oatmeal drum

Just grab a container from your recycling that would make a good drum. Different sizes will create different sounds; so, you could have a whole drum set! I like to use oatmeal containers, but tin cans would work if no sharp edges are present.  You can leave the lid on for one sound. If you don’t have a lid, or want a variety of sounds there are several options. First, you can use wax paper secured around the top by a rubber band. Another option is to head to the hardware store and by sheets of plastic, which you also secure with a rubber band. I’ve even seen balloons as drum heads.  Pencils or chopsticks make great drumsticks, or you may be able to just use your hands with some lids. Be careful, wax paper tears if they are hit too hard, but it’s easy to replace too. Finally, decorate your drum with construction paper (or craft paper), markers, stickers, paint, and maybe even contact paper

Now, put on your child’s favorite music that has a great beat, and start playing!

If you make a drum, send a picture!  I’d love to see your creations!


Posted by: Kenna | September 14, 2011

Welcome! Get ready for fun!

Welcome friends to my new blog!  Here I hope to inspire parents of young children to include music in their daily lives.  I’ll attempt to list a new simple activity at least once a week to encourage bonding and positive child development.  Have fun!

So let’s get started….

For today, find some music with a great beat and move!  Tap the beat with your hands, step it with your feet, nod it with your head, jump, clap, bend, and whatever else you can think of!  For a baby, tap the beat on different parts of his body.   The beat stays steady; so, if you realize you are tapping patterns (long and short sounds) that is a rhythm.  The beat stays the same!

Need new music?  Try this activity with Redetzky March:

Enjoy your little ones!